Once a ‘mermaid’, celebgram Jehan Albert Fauzie now chooses a career behind the scenes

PeekSeleb – Do you still remember the story ‘Sissy the Mermaid?’ This soap opera about a mermaid named Sissy, who refuses to get married and dreams of having normal legs like a full human, was broadcast several years ago.

In the vacuum of becoming a soap opera actor, Jehan Albert Fauzie has now chosen to swerve to play behind the scenes. Curious? Scroll the article!

Profile of Jehan Albert Fauzie

Jean Albert Fauzie

Played by Jehan Albert or formerly known as Jehan Sienna, the soap opera that was released in 2007 had become one of the youth soap operas that the audience loved.

Through this soap opera, Jehan Albert also succeeded in stealing the public’s attention and managed to make his name soar in the entertainment world. Starting his career at the age of 16, Jehan also tried a number of soap opera titles, films, and became an advertisement star.

Jehan admits that he has been busy in the entertainment world since he was young, which made it difficult for him to enjoy his teenage years like the others.

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