One and Only Lyrics

South Korea – Following are the lyrics of the song One and Only performed by ENHYPEN in collaboration with Pokemon, complete with Indonesian translation.

One and Only song was launched on July 12, 2023, which is a project of ENHYPEN and Pokemon (Pokemon Music Collective) and aims to work with various musicians as well as create new music based on the original sound of the Pokemon games.


Photo : ENHYPEN/YouTube

Haneureun So clear
Gonggineun Taste so sweet
Come ride with me (Ahh)

Maeiri New day
Pyeongbeomhan haruga come teukbyeolhaejyeo
When you’re with me
You make me

Jump and run!
Neul hamkkehal su isseoseo
excited mode
Jigeum nae gyeote nega isseoseo
Through the dark, yeah
Sijakdwaesseo Adventure
Come take my hand

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