Open your own agency, Bangchan’s sister STRAY KIDS will release a single


South Korea – The sister of Bangchan STRAY KIDS, Hannah Bahng announced that she will open her own agency and will release a single. Investigate a calibaration, the company still numbered two people.

So, what is the complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Hannah Bahng Opens Her Own Agency

Through an announcement on his official account, Hannah Bahng, who is the younger sister of Bangchan STRAY KIDS, announced that she had officially opened her own agency. In addition, he will soon be releasing his first single ‘Perfect Blues’ on July 14th.

In full, Hannah wrote in a letter. “SURPRISE! I am very excited to officially announce that I will be releasing my debut single ‘perfect blues’ on July 14th.” wrote Hannah reported on Naver, on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

It was really hard to keep it a secret from you guys since I was working on this project for a long time. But I am very proud to be able to tell you that I will be releasing my music as a completely independent artist under my own company, Bahng Entertainment which I started with my manager.” she continued.

Bangchan’s sister-formed company

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