Origins and Recipes of Ice Tea Tarik

PeekSeleb – The origins of iced tea Tarik can be traced back to mamak cafes, traditional cafes usually run by ethnic Indian-Muslim families in Malaysia. The drink was originally known as “tea tortilla” which literally means “tea tortilla” in Malay, referring to the process of mixing and dispensing tea from one cup to another using a tug-of-war.

So, IntipSeleb will review the origins and recipe for iced tea. Come on, take a peek at history and how to make it.

The Origin of Ice Tea Tarik

Tea itself was introduced to the region by Chinese traders in the 19th century. However, a unique technique of serving teh Tarik was developed by Indian-Muslim tea vendors who used their hands to mix the tea with milk and produce a rich, foamy texture over the drink.

In recent decades, iced tea Tarik has spread to various Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. In its development, additional variations were also introduced, such as iced tea with the addition of chocolate powder, grass jelly, or caramel syrup to give a more unique taste.

Es Teh Tarik has become a favorite on various occasions, from shopping centers to street vendors. Its fresh, sweet and rich milky taste makes for a satisfying combination for drink connoisseurs.

Now, iced tea is not only enjoyed in cafes or tea shops, but can also be easily made at home. With a simple recipe and easy-to-find ingredients, you can enjoy delicious iced tea Tarik any time you want.

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