OVERDRIVE – WEi Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Group WEi officially made a comeback by releasing their 6th mini album entitled Love Pt.3: Eternally via online music sites on June 29, 2023, at 18:00 KST. Love Pt 3: Eternally is an album that beautifully finishes their Love series.

The title track OVERDRIVE is a song that conveys a message of comfort for restless youth. Here, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of WEi’s song OVERDRIVE along with the Indonesian translation.

OVERDRIVE – WEi Lyrics with Romanization Hangul

achim nun-eul tteoss-eul ttae
jeo meolli deullyeoon mogsoli I gotta hurry

naleul chaj-a tteona eonje kkeutnaljineun moleujiman

tteonabollae jeo meolli
gwaenchanh-a nan Let it be
When I’m with you with you with you

dulyeoul ge eobs-eo na
neowa na hamkkelamyeon
I can I do (Yeah) nan ilh-eobeolin naleul chaj-a

You, tell me what you want
And I’m looking for a heartthrob yeah
neodo nae mamgwa gat-eun geol al-a
Hold up hold up hold up

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