Park Shin Hye Donates IDR 1.1 Billion For Victims of Heavy Rain in Korea


South Korea – Not heard from for a long time, Park Shin Hye reportedly provided assistance to victims of heavy rains in South Korea.

Apart from that, Park Shin Hye will also treat fans’ longing through her latest drama project. Here’s more through the review below.

Park Shin Hye Donates to Victims of Heavy Rain


Photo: ssinz7/instagram

Recently, South Korea has been hit by bad weather with increased rain intensity which has caused flooding.

According to allkpopon July 25, 2023 Palang Merat Korea said that Park Shin Hye had donated 100 won or around Rp. 1.1 billion to residents affected by heavy rains.

Park Shin Hye learned about the local situation in the affected areas through the Korean Red Cross, and personally selected and donated the 2,000 summer blankets (total value of 100 million won) needed for families affected by the heavy rains.,” the Korean Red Cross said in a statement.

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