Party O’Clock – NMIXX Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – On July 11, 2023, the group made by JYP Entertainment NMIXX has released their third single album titled A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream and the main song titled Party O’Clock.

Party O’Clock is the work in which JYP’s representative producer Park Jin Young participated in NMIXX’s songwriting for the first time. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of NMIXX’s Party O’Clock song along with the Indonesian translation. Take a peek below!

Party O’Clock – NMIXX Lyrics with Romanization Hangul

It’s party time
Byeori kkaeeonaneun kkaman yeoreumbam

It’s party time
Neoui jameul humchyeo tteona we go far

Han yeoreumbam
Supsogui yagireul mandeureobwa
Right here, just you and I (Ah)

Teotteuryeo Fireworks
Sinbihan ildeuri irreonal geoya
(Hey, buckle up, get ready, get ready to dance!)

Nuneul matchwo
Jeo from banjjeum jami deun jigeum i sungan
(Hey, buckle up, get ready, get ready to dance!)

I supsogeul
Tteodoneun hitchhiker
Nega wonhaneun location

Hey! yeogi i sunane
Hey! The world just stop spinning
Hey! kkeuchi eomneun bam
Mix it up, go!

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