Perilla Oil Makguksu Recipe Ala Jungkook BTS, Spicy Makes You Literate!

South Korea – Jungkook BTS recipe is in the spotlight after a company is suspected of plagiarizing a new product. It is known, lately Jungkook has often shared recipes.

One of them is the makguksu recipe that he often makes through Weverse live broadcasts. Through the broadcast, Jungkook shared recipes by cooking directly in front of ARMY, the name for BTS fans.

So what’s the recipe like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

BTS Jungkook Makguksu recipe

Makguksu made by Jungkook BTS is slightly different because he added perilla oil. This also makes the makguksu taste even more special.

After the BTS maknae (youngest member) shared the recipe, the fans immediately flocked to this Jungkook-style makguksu recipe. Here are the ingredients and how to make makguksu in the style of Jungkook BTS:

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