Playlist Song Lyrics – Taeyeon SNSD, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Here are the Playlist song lyrics from SNSD’s Taeyeon. Playlist is one of the title tracks in Taeyeon’s EP entitled What Do I Call You.

Playlist written by Walter Mitchell Owens Iii, Michael Charles Daley, Nicole Cohen, Son Jong Hwang, Jeongmi Kim, and Jieun Jeon. Here are the lyrics and translation!

Lyrics of Romanization Hangul Song Playlist – SNSD’s Taeyeon

Listen to my favorite song
Gachi deutgo sipeoseo
Neol saenggakamyeo damasseo
Uri durui yagi

Iksukame sujubeo
Nege haji mothan mal
Noraenmare gadeuk dama
Neoege jeonbu deullyeojugopa

Play this song for me
Nae mami deullini
Uril daleun melody
Gaman, gwitgae ulliji

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