Poison – NCT Dream Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – One of the groups under the auspices of SM Entertainment, NCT Dream has made a comeback by releasing the 3rd regular album titled IST on online music sites on July 17, 2023.

One that is in the album is Poison. In the following, IntipSeleb summarizes the lyrics of the song Poison from NCT Dream along with the Indonesian translation. Take a peek, Come on!

Poison – NCT Dream Lyrics with Romanization Hangul

You know I want it I like uh
hansungan milyeoon nunbich
Wanna take a look inside you

sueobs-i heomul-eojyeodo
joh-eul mam-eun nege giul-eo giul-eo
tto Why why why yeah

Stay up gin bam naenae ssah-a ollin gieog
ama geugeon nege uimi eobsneun
jangnan-ieossneunji aicheoleom nal muneotteuligon usji

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