Portrait of Doyoung NCT Meets Erling Haaland Manchester City, Knetz: Visual Haaland Like an Idol

South Korea – NCT’s Doyoung is carrying out his activities overseas. This time, NCT’s Doyoung attended the Dolce & Gabbana event. At the event, Doyoung NCT met Erling Haaland, a soccer player who Jungwoo NCT also idolized.

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The moment NCT’s Doyoung meets Erling Haaland

doyoung halnd
Source: Instagram/Erling Haalnd

On July 12, Manchester City FC soccer player Erling Haaland posted a photo on his Instagram story, featuring himself and NCT’s Doyoung.

Previously on the 11th, a photo of Haaland and Doyoung together was also posted on NCT’s official SNS. It is known that Doyoung NCT and Erling Haaland attended the Dolce & Gabbana luxury brand event. In addition, NCT’s official Instagram account also posted a video showing scenes of Haaland and Doyoung taking photos.

In particular, the two look a bit awkward, just staring at the camera. Later, Haaland asked Doyoung which country he was from.

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