Practices in the 1 Hijri New Year, Welcoming the Beginning of Hijrah with Kindness and Reflection

PeekSeleb – New Year 1 Hijri is an important moment for Muslims around the world, because at this time Muslims commemorate the migration of the Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca to Medina.

In this article, IntipSeleb will discuss some of the practices that can be done to welcome the 1 Hijri New Year. Take a peek below!

1. Prayer and Dhikr


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Welcoming the 1 Hijri New Year with prayer and dhikr is a highly recommended practice. Participating in congregational prayers, such as the Fajr prayer on the first day of Muharram, and making dhikr to remember Allah and asking His forgiveness will bring blessings and peace to life.

2. Give charity and spend

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