Pretzel – NCT Dream Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – The 7-member group, namely NCT ​​Dream, has released its 3rd regular album on July 17 at 16.00 WIB. The album is titled ‘ISTJ’ which is one of the 16 types of MBTI.

The song is a hip-hop dance genre. So what is the song called Pretzel by NCT ​​Dream? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Pretzel – NCT Dream Lyrics

Pretzel hoo yeah uh uh Pretzel
ah Have you ever heard of recipe
like this before

kkog dalkomhal pil-yon eobsneun geol
saljjag biteul-eo bwa geulae deo
oh Stop bangsimhamyeon keun-il na
ttag gidalin mankeum jjolgishaejin mam-eul kkeonae

Boil it up, cool it down
deil deushan ondolo nal gamssajwo
kkeutkkaji deo jikyeobwa
I’m gon’ make it tasty for you

han gyeob du gyeob ssah-in
sungan-eul dam-a keojin mam
neoui sigan sog-e
nan byeonhaega tto saelobge
Mix up byeol uimi eobsdeon
naui gamjeongdeul-eul seokk-eo neon
teugbyeolhage bakkwonwa
Cook it mam-eul kkaewo

Pretzels (Count ten)
jamkkanman jamkkanman
come on bupulge nwadwo
Pretzels (Not yet)
gidalyeo gidalyeo
ajig ttaega anin geol
ooh sum gappeun yeolgi sog-eseo
(Heat it up)
nae mam-eun Ready for you
Pretzels (Bite that)
kkaemulsulog Crispy
neodo mollae jogeumssig jungdogdoel geol

Now you ain’t ready for this one
Let’s go

Drizzle a little bit of honey
banjjag-ineun nunbich
Something more
neoleul jageugsikil Chilli sauce
wonhal ttaen mamkkeos ppulyeo Jalapenos
ttaelon neoui neuseunhan mam-eul dang-gyeo

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