Procedures for Intimate Relationships in Islam, Guidelines for Maintaining Harmony in Marriage

PeekSeleb – Having sex in Islam is an important aspect of married life which is considered sacred and full of meaning. Islam views sexual relations as an expression of affection and intimacy between husband and wife, as well as a means to strengthen the marriage bond.

In this article, IntipSeleb will discuss procedures for having sex in Islam, which includes guidelines on ethics and religious values ​​that must be adhered to when living a sexual life in marriage. Take a peek at the article below.

1. Chastity and Restriction


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In Islam, sexual relations are considered sacred and may only be carried out within a legal marriage bond. In addition, sexual relations must be maintained responsibly and may not be carried out with anyone other than a legal partner.

In the Al-Quran, Allah SWT says in Surah Al-Isra (17:32), “And do not approach adultery; in fact, adultery is an abomination and a bad way.”

2. Permits and Approvals

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