Profile of Lee Sang Eun, Suddenly Dies in the Toilet Before a Concert

South Korea South Korea’s famous soprano singer, Lee Sang Eun, was found dead in the toilet. He passed away before the concert to greet the fans.

So, who is Lee Sang Eun? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Profile of Lee Sang Eun

Lee Sang Eun

Lee Sang Eun is known as a popular soprano singer in South Korea who received his bachelor’s degree from Seoul National University. It didn’t stop there, Lee Sang Eun then continued his master’s education at the Mannes School Of Music in New York, United States.

It is known, Lee Sang Eun is known as a woman who was born on March 12, 1970 in South Korea and has talent in the world of music. Lee Sang Eun currently has the stage name Lee Tzsche and he made his debut in 1988.

As an active figure in the music world, Lee Sang Eun has so far released 15 full albums. Lee Sang Eun was on hiatus and chose to go to Japan and the United States to study art.

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