Recipes and How to Make Kaliwang Chicken, Secrets of Delicious and Savory Chicken

PeekSeleb – Chicken Kaliwang is one of Indonesia’s specialties which has become a favorite of many people. With a delicious and savory taste, this dish excites anyone who tries it.

Kaliwang Chicken is known for its signature seasoning which involves a tantalizing blend of spices. If you want to try serving this special dish at home, here is the recipe and how to make Kaliwang Chicken. Take a peek, Come on!

Materials Needed To Make Kaliwang Chicken


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1. 1 chicken, cut into pieces according to taste
2. 3 tablespoons of cooking oil

3. 2 stalks of lemon grass, bruised
4. 3 bay leaves

5. 3 cm galangal, bruised
6. 4 pieces of lime leaves

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