Remember Son Sook, the grandmother who invited Song Hye Kyo to ‘suicide’ at The Glory? Now Involved in Bribery Scandal


South Korea – On July 3, Yonhap News reported that one of the senior actresses was sent by the police to the prosecutor’s office on suspicion of accepting a luxury golf club as a bribe. The senior actress mentioned is Son Sook who is 79 years old.

Actress Son Sook recently appeared in the drama The Glory. Here’s more!

Actress Son Sook is suspected of accepting bribes for luxury golf clubs

son sook
Source: Wikitree

In a Yonhap News report, Son Sook became one of eight people who received bribes in the form of expensive golf clubs.

“The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s anti-corruption and public crime investigation unit sent 8 people, including actress Son Sook (79), to the prosecution late last month on charges of receiving expensive golf clubs from a club distributor,” said Yonhao News on Monday, June 3, 2023.

The police also handed over 4 people, including the CEO of the distributor who handed over the golf club, to the prosecutor’s office.

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