Remember the Little Boy in the Korean Movie Miracle in Cell No.7? Already Adult Make Pangling

South Korea – Do you still remember the young kid Kal Sol Won in the Korean film Miracle in Cell No.7? Recently he made a public splash because of his latest appearance.

Kal Sol Won is now growing up as a young adult who is known for his talent and is engaged in various fields other than acting.

Curious about what Kal So Won’s latest portrait looks like? Let’s take a peek together through the reviews below.

Kal Sol Won’s Latest Appearance


Photo : sowon.ming/instagram

The figure of Kal So Won is certainly no stranger to viewers of the legendary Korean film Miracle in Cell No.7 which was released in 2013. Through this broadcast, he played the role of Ye Sung, a small version of the character that Park Shin Hye lived.

When playing in the film Miracle in Cell No.7, Kal So Won was still 7 years old and succeeded in being amazed because of his acting.

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