RESCUE TAYO – Kep1er Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Kep1er and TAYO have released their music video titled ‘RESCUE TAYO’ today, July 6, 2023. Through the MV, Kep1er members join TAYO’s rescue team and friends when they are called to save their city.

It is known that the song ‘RESCUE TAYO’ is a collaboration song by Kep1er with the cartoon series ‘TAYO the Little Bus’, and is presented as an adorable theme song. So, what are the lyrics of the song? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Lyrics of RESCUE TAYO – Kep1er

eojewa ttoggat-eun tayolo boji mayo
jal bwa!
oneul-eun nugudeun guhal su issneun tayo
tto Wee Woo Wee Woo
ullineun gyeongbo soli
eonjedeun eodideun chuldonghajyo
ganido lanido yong-gilo igyeonaejyo

omkeomhan gin teoneoldo
nugul guhal su issda saeng-gaghamyeon
Vroom Vroom Sing Sing
him-i naneun tayojyo

kkomabeoseu RESCUE TAYO
Tayo Tayo
cham geob-i eobs-i yong-gamhan
kkomabeoseu RESCUE TAYO
Tayo Tayo

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