Sana TWICE Becomes BA Graff, the Most Expensive Jewelry Worn by Kpop Idols

South Korea – Recently JYP Entertainment’s idol Sana TWICE was introduced as the brand ambassador for the jewelry brand Graff.

Sana TWICE did a photo shoot using a jewelery set from Graff which immediately sparked conversation.

In addition to her dazzling beauty, fans are also misfocused by the price of the jewelry that TWICE’s Sana wears, and is predicted to be one of the most expensive jewelery worn by K-pop idols. Here’s more through the review below.

Sana TWICE Becomes Brand Ambassador Graff, Occupies the Highest Position of the World Luxury Brand


Apart from being active as a singer, TWICE’s Sana is also active in the fashion world. Not long ago, he was named Graff’s newest brand ambassador for Japan’s first ever.

Graphic Jewelry reveals the story that everyone has and makes it shine even more. Sana embodies the value of such jewelery charts,” said Francois Graff as CEO of Graff.

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