Save the Date! NCT DoJaeJung Will Celebrate 2023 Fandom Party in America

South Korea – The sub-unit of the Kpop NCT group, NCT DoJaeJun, is confirmed to be participating in the Comic-Con International ‘Fandom Party’ event.

This moment also marked the first appearance of NCT DoJaeJung as a trio in the United States. Check out more information through the reviews below.

NCT DoJaeJung Appears at Comic-Con International ‘Fandom Party’

Consisting of NCT’s Doyoung, NCT’s Jaehyun, and NCT’s Jungwoo, the NCT sub-unit DoJaeJung made their debut by releasing the mini album Perfume on April 17, 2023.

After holding fansigns in several locations, one of which is Jakarta, NCT DoJaeJung will begin activities on the American continent.

Launching from Soompi on July 7, NCT DoJaeJung is confirmed to appear at the Comic-Con International ‘Fandom Party’ event on July 20 at the Float at the Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, United States.

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