Say Nothing Lyrics – Yugyeom GOT7 feat. Lee Hi with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – On this day, Monday 24 July 2023, Yugyeom GOT7 officially released 2 new singles. One of the singles even collaborated with singer Lee Hi.

The idol’s comeback for the first time in 6 months has not released a new song. Let’s take a peek at the lyrics of the song Say Nothing from Yugyeom GOT7 with Lee Hi below.

Say Nothing Lyrics – Yugyeeon GOT 7 feat. Lee Hi with Romanization Hangul

amugeotdo eopseodo we are okay
Because I can’t think, no way
areum daun neol bomyeon
sumeun gappajigo
tteugeowojineun momi
nae mameul gamchuji mothae
algo isseo neon nal
gidarineun geol I’ll start now

geupaji anke
modeun nune dameulge
ojik neowa namani
i love the nameun deusi
naege sorichyeojwo
My baby tonight

You don’t have to say nothing
Just let your body get out of control
You don’t have to say nothing
I want your body
Girl let your body talk
You don’t have to say

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