Schedule for Drama Destined With You, Rowoon SF9 Becomes Jo Bo Ah’s Sacrifice

South Korea – On July 7, JTBC has announced that the romance drama titled Destined With You has completed its first script reading. Along with this announcement, the drama Destied With You has also announced its broadcast schedule.

So what’s it all like? Come on, check below!

The plot of the drama Destined With You

jo bo ah
Source: JTBC

Destined With You tells about the irresistible romance between a civil servant named Lee Hong Jo and lawyer Jang Shin Yu.

The character Lee Hong Jo is played by Jo Bo Ah, he is an employee who obtained a golden book that has been sealed for over 300 years. Meanwhile, Jang Shin Yu, played by Rowoon, becomes the victim of the golden book himself.

Then Ha Joon plays Kwon Jae Kyung, a maid at Onju City Hall who Hong Jo likes. Hiding scars behind his sweet smile, Kwon Jae Kyung rarely reveals his innermost feelings. The process of Kwon Jae Kyung’s emotional changes as Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu grow closer, despite their apparently unrelated backgrounds, adds to the intensity and tension of the story.

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