Schedule for the Japan Event (Jejepang) for July 2023 in Jabodetabek, Free HTM!

PeekSeleb – Japanese culture is quite popular in Indonesia. Starting from anime, manga, cosplay to various culinary delights, it seems that there are never enough fans.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Japan events, aka Japanese events, are slowly starting to appear in several regions in Indonesia, one of which is in the Greater Jakarta area.

Presenting exciting events in the style of Japanese festivals, of course, will be a separate paradise for lovers of Japanese culture. Are you curious about what Japan Events or Japanese events will be in Jabodetabek in July 2023? Let’s take a peek at the following sequence.

The first Jabodetabek Japan Event is Gangnam Shinjuku which will be held on Saturday, July 15 at the 1st floor of the BTM Bogor Mall.

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