SEVENTEEN Spoiler Will Comeback, Save the Time!

South Korea – SEVENTEEN just finished their world tour in South Korea. Along with that, they revealed that they would make a comeback soon.

So, what are the spoilers from the members that the SEVENTEEN group will make a comeback? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

SEVENTEEN Comeback Spoilers

Even though the agency Pledis Ent. haven’t announced anything regarding SEVENTEEN’s group plans in October. However, fans are in luck because they have an idol who is super duper open about giving out spoilers.

Just recently, reported via Naver, Hoshi candidly provided independent track information regarding the group’s plans in front of thousands of Carats who attended the Seoul concert, South Korea. It is known, SEVENTEEN will have a second comeback in October.

When they realized that Hoshi was giving too many spoilers, the members asked, “how far will you share?”

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