Shim Hyung Tak’s reaction when Hirai called me like Jungkook BTS: I want to imitate Jungkook

South Korea – Previously, Shim Hyung Tak’s wife, Hirai Saya, was excited about being similar to Jungkook BTS. The idol has also confirmed that he is similar to Hirai Saya.

Shim Hyung did not reveal his opinion after his wife was called similar to Jungkook BTS. Like what? Read on below in full.

Shim Hyung’s reaction, regardless of my Hirai, is similar to Jungkook BTS

Shim Hyung Tak
Source: MBC

After Hirai I went viral because he was called like Jungkook BTS, Shim Hyung Tak said that his wife received extraordinary attention from many people.

“Jungkook BTS actually said that he saw a photo of my wife and agreed that my wife looks like him. Since then, he has received immense attention and interest from people around the world.” Shim Hyung said. Not reported by Naver on July 6, 2023.

Shim Hyung Tak. tell me that Hirai I can’t sleep well when people call him like Jungkook BTS. Because he really likes BTS, especially Jungkook.

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