Showing Affection, Ji Sung Shows Off His Two Children at the Lee Bo Young Filming Location

South Korea – These past few months, Lee Bo Young has been busy with his drama shooting schedule. In the midst of busy filming, it turns out that Lee Bo Young and her husband, Ji Sung, still find time to get together.

So cute, Ji Sung showed his love by visiting Lee Bo Young on the set. He even took his two children with him. Here’s more!

Ji Sung shows his affection for Lee Bo Young

On June 30, Lee Bo Young revealed through her personal Instagram account that Ji Sung, her husband, has given her full support for her drama, Hyde. This support was seen when Ji Sung sent a coffee and food truck that the entire production team could enjoy on the set.

So sweet, Lee Bo Young also captured the moment of her husband’s support and shared it on social media. Not only sharing photos, Lee Bo Young also wrote a description as a caption.

“The Bo Young Family,” he wrote on his personal Instagram account.

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