SM Entertainment Introduces 2 NCT Universe Participant Trainees: LASTART, Who Are They?

South Korea – About to release a pre-debut reality show titled NCT Universe : LASTART , SM Entertainment has introduced two trainees who will be participating in the event.

The two trainees are Riku and Ryo. Curious as to what the information is? Come on, take a peek below.

SM Entertainment Meet Riku and Ryo

Photo :

Launching from Star News on July 11 2023, SM Entertainment has introduced two trainees who will appear on the reality show NCT Universe: LASTART through official social media accounts.

First there is Riku who exudes a youthful atmosphere with the cheerful background music, while Ryo exudes a pure atmosphere surrounded by toys. In particular, the two charmed the public with their faces.

Among a total of 10 trainees who will participate in NCT Universe: LASTART, Riku and Ryo, whose visuals stand out as the first participants to be revealed to the public. Expectations are rising for the next 8 trainees who will be introduced tomorrow.


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