Small Talk – Kim Sung Kyu Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – South Korean solo singer and member of Infinite, Kim Sung Kyu, has made a comeback by releasing his 5th mini album titled 2023 S/S COLLECTION on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 on various music sites.

The title song Small Talk is a standout song with addictive rhythm and melody, as well as the band’s lively sound. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of Kim Sung Kyu’s song Small Talk along with the Indonesian translation.

Small Talk – Kim Sung Kyu Lyrics with Romanization Hangul

I’ve been running on an adrenaline
deo ppalajineun hoheub-i
gappa sum gappa

mom-i ban-eunghaneun geol alji
amuleohji anh-eun cheoghajil
anh-a Oh that’s right

meolil geochiji anhgo naon maldeul
You got me thinking selfishly
amuleohge malhaji (Oh ​​no)

bang-geum baet-eun maldo
nan gieog mos hae neon ontong nal jibaehaji
Lemme know Lemme know Baby pls talk to me

eodilodeun heulleogamyeon doenikka
sseuldeeobsneun mal ildan mwolado joh-a (Coz I need it)

nae an-eun yodongchyeo imi
Gotta scream it loud Coz it’s way too late to up and back down

nan pil-yohae Small talk and conversations
bamsaedolog Small talk about where you’ve been

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