SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM Junho’s post before the dating issue was revealed

South Korea – SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM’s Junho are rumored to be dating. The two K-Pop idols who starred in the drama King The Land have reportedly been in a special relationship for a long time.

Before it was reported that he was dating, Junho 2PM had uploaded an intimate photo with SNSD’s Yoona accompanied by a tantalizing caption. What’s that? Let’s take a peek!

SNSD Yoona and 2PM Junho Reportedly Dating

2PM's Junho, SNSD's Yoona

In the midst of the broadcast of the drama King The Land, news circulated that SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM’s Junho were dating in real life. Reportedly, Yoona and Junho started dating before filming the drama together.

“Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona were in a relationship before filming JTBC’s Saturday drama King the Land,said an entertainment insider, quoted from The Proof, June 3, 2023.

Due to suspicions of dating, SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM’s Junho agreed to do a shooting project together. “And that’s why they did this project together,” said the source.

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