So Rowoon’s friend, Lee Tae Ri will star in the drama Destined With You


South Korea South Korean actor, Lee Tae Ri is rumored to be playing a role in JTBC’s newest drama, Destined With You. Previously Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon had confirmed their appearance in the drama.

In the drama Destined With You, Lee Tae Ri will play Kim Wook, a lawyer and friend of Jang Shin Yu (played by Rowoon). So how is the information? Come on, take a peek in full.

Lee Tae Ri Main Drama Destined With You

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Launching from Sports Khan on Thursday, July 20 2023, Star House Entertainment as Lee Tae Ri’s agency announced that the actor will appear in the latest drama from JTBC titled Destined With You.

Meanwhile, popular actresses such as Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon have confirmed their appearances in the drama.

Destined With You is a drama depicting the unbearable romance between Lee Hong Jo, a low-level civil servant who obtained a forbidden book that was sealed after 300 years ago, and Jang Shin Yu, a lawyer who became a victim of the forbidden book.

Lee Tae Ri will play Kim Wook, a lawyer and best friend of Jang Shin Yu (played by Rowoon). Kim Wook has a personality that is liked by others.

Lee Tae Ri’s activities

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