Son Ye Jin Cravings in the Midnight, Sad Can’t Go Out Because of the Rain

South Korea – Son Ye Jin returned to greet her fans on her personal Instagram account. On July 13, Son Ye Jin shared some food photos with scenes from her days.

At that moment it seemed that Son Ye Jin was enjoying dinner with her husband, Bin. However, the weather made him mellow. Here’s the portrait!

Son Ye Jin craves to take a walk in the rain

Son Ye Jin again gave the latest news to his fans. On July 13, Son Ye Jin shared a simple romantic evening with her husband, Hyun Bin, in the form of a food photo on her personal Instagram. Not only sharing food photos, Son Ye Jin also added a statement that fits the feelings.

“Raining all day. I really love rainy days! but puppies can’t walk, what a shame… Why do I have such cravings on rainy days?!?!” wrote Son Ye Jin in his personal Instagram account.

“The pork special is great! I ate ramen today too. Come on, pass this rainy season by eating foods that remind you of when it rains. Be careful driving and walking on wet roads!!” he added.

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