Song Kang is passionate about making out with beautiful women, it’s excited in the Korean online community

South Korea – Recently, Song Kang was caught in the middle of making out with a beautiful woman. The photos have also been circulating on social media.

Who is the woman with Song Kang? Come on, see the following reviews!

The woman who was making out with Song Kang

song kang
Source: Online Community

Song Kang finally returned to the small screen. The photos that were spread on social media with a woman turned out to be doing a drama project.

The photo of Song Kang that was circulating turned out to be behind the scenes of Song Kang’s project entitled My Demon. In the drama, Song Kang is paired with Kim Yoo Jung. My Demon itself is the work of the scriptwriter of The King: Eternal Monarch, which features the romantic, horror and comedy genres.

In the circulating photo, Song Kang is seen starting hand in hand with Kim Yoo Jung in a very romantic way. At that time, Song Kang showed off his simple and elegant style.

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