Song Lyrics No Makeup – EXO with Indonesian Translation


South Korea – The song No Makeup is one of the tracklists in EXO’s 7th full album entitled EXIST which was officially released on July 10, 2023.

Check out the meaning of the lyrics of the song No Make sung by EXO, complete with Indonesian translation, let’s scroll!


Photo : EXOGlobal/twitter

Yeah, yeah
Oh oh
No, oh
Oh oh

Saljjak beonjin neoui lipstick
Deotbareul pillyo eomneun geol
Heorakae jwo naega jikjeop
Modu jiwobeorigo sipeo (Oh)
Geumse teojil deuthan simjang (simjang)
Geu eotteon saekboda
Jageukjeogin neoui green light
Gilgodo aseulhal tonight
Isongui kkeuneul jallanwa

Yeah, jeokdanghi heongkeureojin deuthan
Ne meoritgyeol hanakkaji da areumdawo
There’s just somethin’ I love about you

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