Sour Grapes – LE SSERAFIM Lyrics, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Here are the lyrics for Sour Grapes, the b-side of NewJeans’ Fearless EP. The song was released in 2022 and managed to break a new record in the fourth generation girl group.

The song Sour Grapes is also one of the songs that LE SSERAFIM will perform in the concert. Come on, check the lyrics right away.

Romanization Hangul Lyrics of Song Sour Grapes – LE SSERAFIM

Le seraphim


Oh nado moreuge
Dalkomhae nan chimi goyeo igeon jasa maja
Neol hancham noryeobwa
Nae sone ttuk tteoreojigil gidarigo isseo
Gatgo sipeo sonswipge
Nangmanjeogin fairy tale
Realizeul oreul ttae
Du bararae nan ajjilhae

Heona jom deo gilge pareul ppeodeodo
Dachi ana dwikkumchireul deureodo
Domujiga sone jwil su eomneun love
Oh, ireodaga naman dachigesseo
Yeah, you’ll hurt me

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