Staff Snaps at Airport Visitors, Squid Game 2 Immediately Apologizes


South Korea – Previously circulated in the Korean online community, an airport visitor revealed that he had been yelled at by Squid Game staff who tried to block him from going up the escalator. The process of filming the series also received controversy.

For this, Squid Game Season 2 also apologizes. Let’s take a peek at this case in full.

Controversy Staff Snaps at Airport Visitors

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Previously, in an online community, a post was circulated by an airport visitor who explained his experience of being yelled at by Squid Game 2 staff. This was experienced when he visited Incheon airport.

He admitted that he did not know that this location was the shooting location for Squid Game. When he was about to use the escalator, the person was yelled at by a series staff member in a harsh and unpleasant tone.

Squid Game 2 Parties Apologize

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