Sugar Rush Ride – TXT (Japanese Ver) Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Boygroup TXT has officially made a comeback in Japan with a single titled ‘Sugar Rush Ride’. This song is included in TXT’s mini album entitled The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION.

Now that the Japanese version has been released, let’s take a peek at the lyrics to the song Sugar Rush Ride from the Japanese version of TXT below.

Sugar Rush Ride – TXT (Japan Version) Lyrics with Romanization

Yeah, ah
Ayy, let’s go

Kangaeru hima naiyo
When you get back
Hikai nante isshun de kowasareru
To you (Ayy)

Come a little closer ( Ah – ah – ah , oh )
Sasayaite ( Ah – ah – ah , oh )
The sugar rush ( Ah – ah – ah , oh )

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