Synopsis of Korean Drama Cruel Intern, Ra Mi Ran Becomes an Apprentice at the Age of 40


South Korea – Actress Ra Mi Ran returns to greet audiences at home with a new drama. Ra Mi Ran’s new drama this time airs on TVING titled Cruel Intern.

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Synopsis Cruel Intern


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Cruel Intern tells the story of Ko Hae Ra (played by Ra Mi Ran) who returns to work as an intern after being absent for 7 years. In the story, Ko Hae Ra experiences internal conflict when she accepts a secret and cruel proposal from a former successful colleague. She is Choi Ji won (played by Uhm Ji Won).

Even though it’s too late, Ko Hae Ra faces by using her years of experience in social life.

Ra Mi Ran and Uhm Ji Won have finally reunited after 10 years, since the film Hope was released in 2013.

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