Take a peek at the figure of Feby Pratiwi, a beautiful singer who has an Ouch Sexy Body

Jakarta – The beautiful singer Feby Pratiwi is back in an uproar, because it went viral because of her sexy and beautiful body. Feby is considered to be one of the dangdut singers who really counts on her beauty.

Intrigued by the beautiful face? Come on, see the following article!

Beautiful and Sexy Singer


Photo: Special

Feby Pratiwi, who owns the single song I’m Without You, is an artist from Millennium Records and the son of the owner, Neng Dessy, who is also a singer and producer. Recently it has also been busy because she is also Saiful Jamil’s girlfriend.

“I’m just grateful that people say I’m beautiful and my body is sexy. It’s a good thing to be grateful for and let it be a blessing,” said Feby when asked by the media crew, Monday, July 24, 2023.

“Yes, thank God, I am very happy to be supported by my Millennium Records label and the owner Momy Neng Dessy, all my singing matters are handled by him.” continued Feby Pratiwi

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