Take a Peek at the History of Kediri, Trace Its Origins

PeekSeleb – Kediri is one of the regions in East Java. Kediri is located 130 kilometers southwest of Surabaya.

Like other regions in Indonesia, Kediri has a long history. Like what? Citing various sources, let’s take a peek at the history of Kediri below!

History of Cadiri

Source: Wikipedia

The history of Kediri began in the 11th century AD, when the Kingdom of Kediri stood as one of the major kingdoms on the island of Java. The kingdom of Kediri reached its peak of glory under the reign of King Jayabaya, who was famous for his deep predictions. Kediri at that time became an important trading center and a place for the development of magnificent art, literature and architecture.

However, the glory of the Kediri Kingdom did not last long. In the 13th century, the Singhasari Kingdom led by Raja Ken Arok conquered Kediri, ending the reign of the Kediri Kingdom. Singhasari was later replaced by Majapahit, which made Kediri one of the provinces under its control. During the Majapahit period, Kediri remained an important center on the island of Java, with the construction of beautiful temples and thriving trading activities.

In the 16th century, the glory of Majapahit began to fade and Kediri fell into the hands of the Sultanate of Demak. Under Demak rule, Islam became the dominant religion in this region. Kediri remained a trading center and Islamic influence grew stronger, with the building of mosques that adorned the city.

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