Take a peek at the prices for Suzy and Song Hye Kyo’s jewelery at the 2023 Blue Dragon Awards, the cheapest Rp. 115 million

South Korea – Suzy and Song Hye Kyo became one of the most highlighted actresses when they attended the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards. One that makes the wrong focus is the jewelry they wear.

Apparently, the price of the jewelry worn by Suzy and Song Hye Kyo reached billions of rupiah. Here’s the complete information!

Song Hye Kyo’s jewelery prices at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards

song hye kyo
Source: Spotv News

Song Hye Kyo and Suzy exuded grace and beauty at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards, which took place in Paradise City, Incheon, on July 19. At that time, both of them were decorated with beautiful and luxurious jewelry.

Song Hye Kyo, who received the grand prize for her outstanding performance in the Netflix original film ‘The Glory’, graced the event wearing jewelery from Chaumet, for which she serves as ambassador.

The ensemble includes stunning earrings worth 26.3 million won (Rp. 307 million), a necklace worth 115 million won (Rp. 1 billion ), and a beautiful ring costing 15.5 million won (Rp. 181 million), for a total of 156.8 million won (Rp. 1.8 billion) in jewelry.

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