Thanks to him, the video clips are even better

South Korea – After releasing the first digital single titled Seven, Jungkook BTS greets fans by broadcasting live on Weverse. In his live broadcast, Jungkook BTS wrote the title ‘Seven days a week’.

Interestingly, Jungkook BTS mentioned the name Han So Hee as a form of gratitude. Jungkook turned out to be helped a lot by Han So Hee. Here’s more!

Jungkook BTS admitted that it was very awkward to act while lip-syncing

Source: Weverse

On July 14, Jungkook of BTS conducted a live broadcast entitled “Seven days a week” on Weverse. Jungkook talked about the music video for his first solo single Seven.

“Fun is not it? This is a music video with emotional sensibilities that are not easy to see these days. Prior to shooting the music video, I had many meetings with the company and the director about how to approach this story. We had fun recording it,” Jungkook said about Seven’s video clip during a live broadcast on Weverse quoted on Saturday, July 15 2023

After that, while watching the music video, he recalled the shooting process. Jungkook confessed, “It felt awkward acting while lip-syncing, but I concentrated and did it. As I continued, I got used to it.”

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