The Beginning of National Children’s Day Set on July 23, Take a Peek at the History

PeekSeleb – National Children’s Day (HAN) is always celebrated every July 23. National Children’s Day was formed with the aim of respecting and providing protection for the children of the nation’s next generation.

Then have you ever asked, why was July 23 chosen as the commemoration of National Children’s Day? Let’s take a peek at the history of National Children’s Day below.

History of National Children’s Day

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National Children’s Day originated from the Indonesian Women’s Congress (Kowani) in 1951, reports from various sources. This congress was agreed to be the Childhood Week every May 18, 1952.

Until later in 1953, Kowani changed his commemoration date to July 1-3. The date was changed so that it could coincide with the child’s school holidays.

However, in 1959, the anniversary date was again changed to June 1-3. The date was chosen because it coincided with International Children’s Day.

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