The Figure of Chae Jong Seok Allegedly Boyfriend of Han So Hee, Anime Black Butler New Season

South Korea – Presenting various up-to-date information from Indonesian, Western, Korean to Asian artists, especially if not IntipSeleb. Every day, IntipSeleb presents the latest information. Of course, there are several articles that get more attention.

On Tuesday, July 4 2023, there was some information that caught the attention of readers, starting from the figure of Chae Jong Seok who was rumored to be dating Han So Hee to today’s zodiac forecast. Like what? Come on, take a peek in full!

Black Butler Anime Officially Gets New Season to Air in 2024, Take a Look at the Cool Trailer

Black Butler New Season

Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji announces the latest news that makes fans excited. This anime is confirmed to have the latest season and will air soon in 2024.

In addition to the announcement, a short teaser featuring stunning animations and new visuals. Let’s see more in here.

This is Chae Jong Seok’s figure and Instagram account, rumored to be Han So Hee’s new boyfriend

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