The Funniest Korean Variety Show, Guaranteed To Tickle!

South Korea – Korean variety shows have taken the entertainment world by storm and captured the attention of audiences around the world with their unique mix of Korean culture and entertaining entertainment.

One of the main attractions of Korean variety shows is their unparalleled comedy factor. In this article, IntipSeleb will explore some of the funniest Korean variety shows that have made audiences laugh out loud, as well as reveal the reasons behind their popularity. Come on, look at them one by one!

running man
Source: Wikipedia

Running Man is one of the most famous Korean variety shows and has been running for over a decade. Inviting Korean stars involved in a series of funny and entertaining missions and games, this show manages to create hilarious moments and interactions that tickle the audience.

Running Man is one of the most popular Korean variety shows and has been running since 2010. This show features celebrities participating in various games and challenges.

2. Infinite Challenge

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