The Origin of the Sangjit Tradition, Chinese Traditional Seserahan Fees

Intipceleb – Indonesia is a country rich in diverse cultures and traditions. One tradition that has historical and profound value is the Chinese Sangjit tradition and offering fees.

In this article, we will examine more deeply the origins of the Chinese Sangjit tradition and how payment of offerings is an important part of the wedding procession in the Chinese community.

So, what is the Sangjit tradition like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

The Origin of the Sangjit Tradition

The Chinese Sangjit tradition is a ritual performed in a series of marriages in Chinese society. The word Sangjit itself comes from the Hokkien language which means ‘increasing luck’. This tradition involves giving a number of gifts in the form of symbolic items from the man to the woman as a sign of seriousness and respect in the marriage bond.

The origins of the Chinese Sangjit tradition can be traced back to ancient times in China. At that time, Chinese people believed that by giving these gifts, they could bring good luck and happiness to newly married couples.

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