The song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ Retrieves Controversy, Reveals Reasons for Choi Yena Who Claims to Be Jealous


South Korea – Choi Yena has just released a new song called ‘Hate Rodrigo’. In this single, he collaborated with Yuqi (G) I-DLE.

Having reaped controversy, Choi Yena then explained the reason she chose the title ‘Hate Rodrigo’. Curious? Read more below.

Reasons for Choosing the Title ‘Hate Rodrigo’

Choi Yena

On June 27 at 4 PM KST, Choi Yena held a showcase marking the release of her second single album, and a release showcase for her second single, ‘HATE XX’ at Blue Square Mastercard Hall, in Yongsan, Seoul.

HATE XX itself includes a total of 3 songs, namely BAD HOBBY, WICKED LOVE, and Hate Rodrigro. According to Choi Yena, the song captures her changing emotions and energy.

Before the song ‘Hate Rodrigro’ was released, the single received a lot of controversy. Choi Yena then opened her voice about choosing the title of the song.

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