The song Hate Rodrigo was criticized by Knetz, Choi Yena was called a failure in creating songs

South Korea – Choi Yena continued to release the song Hate Rodrigo even though it was criticized by Korean netizens. According to him, the song is just an expression of his jealousy as Olivia Rodrigo fans.

After revealing the reason for making the song Hate Rodrigo, Korean netizens are furious again. Here’s their assessment. Come on, see!

Called Choi Yena stupid and their plan failed

Choi Yena, Rodrigo

In the online community, the debate over Choi Yena’s song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ has gone viral. Korean netizens compactly said that Choi Yena failed to make a song inspired by her bias, Olivia Rodrigo. In fact, Korean netizens said that their plan failed because it completely copied the concept of Olivia Rodrigo’s video clip.

“I think they failed” netizens said.
“Hate is a stronger word than dislike in English. I think it’s very understandable why fans would be angry,” more further.
“To be honest, if someone sings about hating my bias while copying all their concepts, music and moves, I will hate them. That song insults Olivia Rodrigo and her fans,” concluded netizens.

“Does that mean we can release a song called Hate Yena because she’s beautiful, and I envy her? Seriously, have common sense… Why did they choose (title)?” ask another.
“Their marketing tactics failed,” another said.

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