This is Song Hye Kyo’s Figure in Bestie’s Eyes, So Sweet!

South Korea – Recently, a model who is also friendly with Song Hye Kyo exposed the true nature of the actress.

He said that Song Hye Kyo is a friend who is so understanding and caring. Here’s more through the review below.

The figure of Song Hye Kyo

Shin Hyun Ji, Song Hye Kyo

Not a few artists have shared their experience of working with Song Hye Kyo after nearly three decades of career in the entertainment industry.

Song Hye Kyo is considered a good shooting partner and provides warmth on set. Apart from a row of acting partners, recently Song Hye Kyo’s best friend also opened her voice.

She is Shin Hyun Ji, a popular model who dropped out of Korea’s Next Top Model, and is close friends with Song Hye Kyo.

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