Tips for Putting Children to Sleep Fast Ala Nikita Willy: Read Shalawat

PeekSeleb – Nikita Willy is known as an artist who is able to take good care of children so that she becomes an example for young mothers. He also revealed tips for putting children to sleep that can make the baby sleep quickly.

Reciting blessings is one way. Here’s the full article.

Tips for Putting Children to Sleep

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy is enjoying the role of a young mother after marrying Indra Priawan and having a child named Issa Xander Djokosoetono.

Nikita also often shares moments of herself caring for her beloved baby through uploads on social media.

The 29-year-old artist then shared tips on caring for his child. This started with a question from a netizen about how to get a child to sleep fast.

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